Our mission is to empower Christian women with the tools they need to become confident in themselves through faith. We accomplish this by providing a range of comfortable, stylish and inspirational garments that help wearers to reconnect with their faith and regain the positive outlook that they need to soar above challenges and achieve their purpose in life. Our garments are beautifully and wonderfully made - just like you! That’s why you can rely on your favorite Gritty Faith garment to see you through multiple seasons and life adventures.


We envision a future where modern Christians like you can shed the shackles of complacency and stagnation and, instead, embrace a future of purpose. We started with a simple question: what happens when we allow our fashion-forward community to connect with one another and with the good work that God is doing in the world? The answer was incredible: we gained a sisterhood of believers who are inspired by each other and fueled by faith and good intentions. 


We’ve imparted the following core values in each of our garments in order to strengthen your resolve and support you in your triumphs and struggles alike. 



It takes guts to be a loud and proud Christian in a mortal world. We see your dedication to your faith and we want to celebrate it with you. Our eye-catching designs add a cool edge to a profound statement, making it easy for you to wear your heart on your sleeve. 



The road to your best life is guaranteed to be full of trials and challenges. There may be times that you get knocked down as you pursue your purpose. Our garments are designed to inspire you with the inner strength that you need to get back on your feet and keep moving upwards and onwards.



When the material world aims to distract you from your goals, our garments provide the spiritual counterweight that you need to regain your balance and keep your mind on your journey to fulfilment. We strive to empower you to move forward in the purpose that God has given you with clarity and poise. 


Clothe yourself in strength and dignity when you choose garments from Gritty Faith Apparel. We can’t wait to become a part of your journey through faith.